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Pizza Margherita – Characteristics, History, and General Preparation

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What is Margherita pizza, what are its defining characteristics and historical background, what can you expect when eating it, and how is it generally prepared? This post will provide you with all the details about margherita pizza

General Background and Characteristics

Known by every pizza lover, the Margherita is the most popular “style” of pizza in the world. Similar to its older sister, the Marinara, the Margherita is famous for its simplicity and adherence to tradition. It is made with only four ingredients: tomato sauce, fresh basil, mozzarella cheese (traditionally buffalo mozzarella), and olive oil. Like the marinara, the Margherita is also a form of pizza assembly that can be applied to any style of pizza.

Roots and History of Margherita Pizza

The story behind the margarita is one of the most well-known in the culinary world. It involves Raffaele Esposito, a pizzaiolo who owned a small pizzeria called ‘Pizzeria di Pietro e Basta Cosi’ in the 19th century. Esposito is considered by many to be the “father” of modern pizza.

According to the tale, in 1889, Esposito was asked to create a special pizza in honor of Queen Margherita of [House] Savoy, the wife of Umberto I, the king of Italy. Esposito decided to make a patriotic-Neapolitan-inspired pizza that would showcase the colors of the Italian flag: tomato sauce (red), fresh basil (green), and mozzarella cheese (white). Legend has it that the queen loved the pizza so much that it became a symbol of national unity in Italy, a country that was previously divided. Historically, mozzarella had already been used on pizza for at least 80 years, but Esposito’s version solidified its place as a central ingredient in the pizza we know today.

The truth of the story is debated, as some historians refute the claim that Queen Margherita ever visited Naples; However, one thing is certain: the margherita pizza has evolved from a simple street food for the working class to the most popular and beloved type of pizza worldwide. Today, margherita is almost synonymous with ‘pizza’, and serves as a benchmark for its quality, with the skill of the pizzaiolo often judged by the quality of their margherita.

Eating Characteristics of Mergherita Pizza

Tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil, which combine to create the perfect bite. The classic pizza taste that we have all grown to love.

Preparation of a Margherita Pizza

The pizza base is spread with tomato sauce and topped with mozzarella, followed by a drizzle of olive oil. A few fresh basil leaves are added on top of the cheese (usually post-bake). If desired, grated hard cheese such as Parmesan or Pecorino can be added pre/post bake.

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