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Final Dough Temperature (the temperature of the dough at the end of kneading) is crucial when making yeast-leavened dough. PizzaBlab’s final dough temperature calculator will assist you in consistently achieving the desired final dough temperature

**See important information about using the calculator at the bottom of the page**


General Guidelines for Using the Calculator

The temperature of the dough at the end of kneading (final dough temperature) is crucial when making yeast-leavened dough. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, I highly recommend reading about final dough temperature in the Encyclopizza.

In addition to the room and flour temperature, you also need to enter the friction factor in the calculator. Detailed information on the friction factor and how to calculate it can be found here.

Please note that you can use either Celsius or Fahrenheit – it doesn’t matter in terms of calculation. The resulting water temperature will be based on the temperature you provided, whether in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

How to use the calculator:

  1. Enter the room temperature.
  2. Enter the temperature of the flour. If it has not been stored in the refrigerator, its temperature will be the same as the room temperature.
  3. Enter the friction factor (see link above).
  4. Enter the desired/final dough temperature. The ideal range is between 23-27C/73-81F.
  5. Once all the data has been entered, the recommended water temperature will be calculated and shown. Please note that under certain circumstances, the recommended water temperature may be below 0C/32F. In such cases, it is necessary to use ice.

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