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Hi, I’m Yuval

I’m not a chef, although I do a lot of cooking. I also don’t consider myself a “pizzaiolo,” even though I bake pizzas (and breads) almost every day. My academic education has nothing to do with culinary arts, and when it all started about fifteen years ago, Pizza Hut was my go-to pizza (and it still holds a special place in my stomach).

Who am I? First and foremost, I am a pizza enthusiast and baker. Then, I am a man who constantly enjoys exploring and improving. It is the combination of these passions that has led me to delve deeply into the world of pizzas, discovering depths I didn’t know existed, and making pizza an inseparable part of my life. So, what am I? A pizzologist, if you will 🙂

What’s PizzaBlab?

After baking thousands of pizzas (some of which were great and some.. not so much), in almost every imaginable style, and after countless conversations and sessions with world experts, as well as engaging in endless theoretical and practical learning, (enough to possibly earn a PhD in pizza science), I have made the decision to establish PizzaBlab. My objective is to share this knowledge, to join others on the collective learning journey, and, of course, to continue expanding my own knowledge, because there is always more to learn.

PizzaBlab is one of the few blogs in the world that is solely dedicated to pizza, and perhaps the only one with such a comprehensive collection of curated content about pizza making. My hope/goal is for PizzaBlab to become the go-to resource for pizza makers worldwide.

So, whether you are a beginner, an experienced pizza maker, or a professional, you will find content here that suits you. What kind of content? Explanations, experiments, tools, recipes, information, and more – if it has to do with pizza, it will likely be here. And if not, reach out to me and we’ll see what we can do 🙂

What Type of Content Can You Expect to Find on PizzaBlab?

The world of pizza is fascinating and extensive, but it is also filled with numerous axioms and dogmas – basic assumptions that are treated as absolute truths without any need for proof, and they greatly influence millions of pizza bakers worldwide.

Until not too long ago, we lacked the tools to comprehend the science and facts behind pizza and bread baking. Even today, despite the availability of scientific knowledge and tools, many people choose to disregard them and cling to the axioms they are familiar with, even if they have been proven incorrect. In the past, if someone asked why their dough was too soft, a reasonable and acceptable answer could have been “Because there has been a lot of rain recently.”

While the above example may be exaggerated, the underlying point remains: in the past, we lacked the means to understand the causes of specific outcomes in baking, leading to the creation of basic assumptions that were not based on facts but rather on unfounded beliefs. These assumptions did not require proof and formed the basis for false theories. For instance, many of you have probably heard the claim that adding oil to the dough makes the pizza crispier or that it is strictly forbidden to add yeast with salt; These are two examples of common yet incorrect axioms that have firmly taken hold among people and bakers, despite lacking any proven basis and being primarily fictional.

And this is where PizzaBlab comes into the picture.

The content on PizzaBlab focuses on providing proven facts (as much as possible) and explaining the science behind pizza making. The goal is to help you understand the processes, causes, and results involved so that everyone can prepare their perfect pizza – this includes considering both the final result and the work processes.

While there is a recipe page available, the focus is not on providing ready-made solutions, but rather on equipping you with the knowledge and tools to “catch your own fish”; And with the guidance provided, you can catch any fish you desire, using any method you prefer – I can only recommend the ways that I think are ideal.

It is important to acknowledge that the content presented on PizzaBlab may sound “controversial” or challenge the axioms that some individuals in the pizza world hold as absolute truths; Indeed, much of the content here deviates from mainstream beliefs and dispels numerous myths. However, this deviation is grounded in science, factual evidence, and extensive baking experience, rather than in fiction, outdated concepts, or superstitious beliefs. As a result, PizzaBlab may not be suitable for those who are easily discouraged, or have a weak stomach 😉

So, enjoy reading (and baking),


I would like to express my gratitude to the Pizzamaking.com forum community, as they have played a crucial role in my pizza journey.

In particular, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the late Tom Lehmann, also known as The Dough Doctor, for generously sharing his expertise. Without Tom’s invaluable contribution to the pizza world, this website (and my own knowledge of pizza) would not have been possible.

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